Are you getting your classroom Christmas ready?

As we are now in December it is the perfect time to start decking out your classroom if you haven’t already. It is likely you are going to have a number of different events coming up over the next couple of weeks that are themed around Christmas. Some schools are still not doing Christmas performances this year or they may decide to do them virtually. Having an area of the classroom that looks Christmassy will make the perfect setting for your recording.

It is likely that you will start to notice some disruption over the coming weeks are the children get more and more excited about Christmas. Although you may still have work that you need to get done, it may be a nice idea to start to slowly wind down as the Christmas break approaches. Look to plan some activities that are themed around Christmas but still have an educational value. You could ask the children to write a letter to Santa or to come up with a poem about Christmas time. All of these are fun and exciting things to do in the build up to the big day – which may be a little different to what they are used to.