Did you know that music can have a positive effect on your child’s education?

There are always studies being done regarding children’s education and what helps them to achieve higher exams results and have better job prospects, but have you heard that music may play an important role in this? Recent research has shown that children who participate in musical activity from a very early age tend to achieve higher academic results that children who are not.

The study showed that in particular, children who learn to play an instrument from the age of 4 tend to pick up the skills needed to play much quicker than an adult learning the same instrument. It is said that it may be because children who are already use to the idea of study and practise and stimulating their minds by learning a new skill, will carry this forward in to the future where it will help them learn and memorise other important skills.

Music also has a great effect on the mental wellbeing of the child and can be a great way of them working through their ever-changing feelings. There have also been studies into the benefit music has on children with learning difficulties. The research has shown that children who have speech impediments should be encouraged to listen to music whilst they practise talking as it’s proven to reduce anxiety and lessen stammering.