Getting ready to go back to school

Most teachers look forward to the six week holidays all year. It is there chance to have a good few weeks where they do not have to think about work and really can switch off. Often teachers go on holiday in the six week school break as they can afford to have a few weeks away and still have time to do planning etc ready for their return. During the last few weeks of the six week school holiday teachers may need to start getting back in to work. They will often have to go in to school on a number of days to get their classroom ready for the new pupils or to change displays, classroom layout etc. Often many schools will have one or two PD days when they return but it is important not to leave all your planning and classroom work until then as you may find much of your day is taken up by meetings.

Some teachers prefer to get the work out the way and will spend the first week of the holiday doing all the necessary planning etc. Other teachers feel that they would rather have a decent break first and then get back to work a week or two at before their school goes back. There is no right or wrong, it has to be whatever works best for the individual teacher.