Home learning in lockdown

With many of the UK’s students still at home, more and more parents have had to turn their hand to home learning. This is not an easy task for any parent and especially if you are still trying to juggle work. Many schools are uploading work for children to complete on a daily basis. In primary schools especially, not all of this work is compulsory, but it is there as a guide for parents to use.

Many people worry about how children are going to be affected by the lockdown and months of school they have missed. We certainly are in unprecedented times and no one knows the full extent of exactly what the long term effects may be but all every one can do is there best in a bad situation.

Although children may be struggling academically, many are thriving in learning life skills. They are often getting to spend more time with their parents possibly doing activities that they have not had the opportunity to do before such as riding a bike or playing board games. This time may turn out to be one of the happiest they have experienced.

Once the schools reopen fully, parents, child and teachers will all need to work together tp achieve the best possibly outcome for everyone.