Home schooling-not for the faint hearted

Many parents are finding themselves thrust into the world of home schooling during the recent pandemic and although schools are endeavouring to provide work for and support students at this time the organisation of the tasks, resources and time management is falling on parents.

It is impossible to replicate a school classroom in your own dining room or kitchen and there is no need to worry about trying to do so. Most young children are happy working on the floor or on a coffee table so unless they are writing and need to sit at a table to do neat work it is best to let them work where they are comfortable.

Having a rough timetable is a good strategy to have as it gives both you and them a structure to the day, but be flexible, if the sun is shining and there is the opportunity for a walk outside do that instead and be creative about outdoor learning. Multiplication tables and spelling can be practised just as well outside in the fresh air.

Having discussions with your children can be another way of engaging them in learning without them really realising it. Ask for their opinion on something then get them to justify their thinking. Story telling is a good way for children to use their imagination without the need to always worry about handwriting and spelling.