Use the local library as an educational resource

The cost of books, as with everything else, has risen considerably recently and so parents and teachers are turning to libraries to avoid paying out a fortune for new books. Some children who are avid readers can get through a book every few days so borrowing books from the library is a good way to supply them with reading material without a cost. Borrowing books from the library also gives children the opportunity to try a book without worrying that they may not like it, so they are encouraged to try a wider range of books risk free. Libraries offer book collections on various topics to schools which can be exchanged each term.

As well as borrowing books from the library there is also the opportunity to use the computers to do research for homework or just out of interest. Most libraries allow free access for a short period of time and then charge for longer sessions giving users ample time to do a couple of searches.

Many libraries run competitions and challenges which aim to encourage children to read a collection of books by the same author or a series of books on a particular topic. Children enjoy these challenges set by the library service especially if they are promoted by the school and like receiving a certificate to say they have taken part in the challenge.