Which industries are lacking in job prospects?

If you are looking for a job or looking to go to college or university to study for a particular job then you will want to know what the job prospects are like and what they are likely to be in the future. With technological advances over the last decade, certain jobs seem to be at risk of decline and possibly extinction soon.

Company owners are quick to jump on board with being able to automate a process by machinery or computers rather than rely on people. They can then save money on salaries and make more profit in the long run. For this reason many jobs in manufacturing for example have started to be harder to find as they simply are not required as much as previously.

Although it is inevitable that this will happen over the next decade or so, it is important to remember that sometimes automated processes simply cannot replace a human being and in certain situations it may not be right to try and go this way so there will always still be some need for human interaction.

Book publishing is another industry that has seen a massive decline over the past few years. Since the release of e-readers and phone / tablets that allow you to buy and download digital books, less and less people are picking up physical copies of books to read.