How a head teacher can make a real difference in a school

If your children or child attends school, then there may come a time when the head teacher is moving on and a new one is going to be appointed. This can be a daunting time for teachers and parents who may worry about what changes are going to be made and how it will affect them. Often a head teacher has a lot of say over how the school is run and policies and procedures that they want the pupils and teachers to adhere to. A good head teacher can make a huge difference to a school and on how... Read More »

Getting back to teaching after the Easter holidays

With Easter nearing, many teachers and pupils are looking forward to a well earned break. Returning to school after a holiday can be quite hard work and you will make to make the transition as smooth as possible. Often teachers return to school a few days before the pupils do so that they have time to get their classrooms ready by creating displays updating labels on draws and having a good sort out. They will often have to attend meetings the day or so before the children return to talk about any changes that have / are happening that they... Read More »

Offering tutoring to students

If you are a retired teacher you may consider going in to tutoring. Unlike working in a school, you can often pick and choose the hours you work and fit it in around your life style. It allows you to carry on teaching in a way but without all the added commitments. You don’t actually need a degree in the subject you want to teach, but a degree in core educational subjects, including maths, English, science and modern languages, may be useful when tutoring in these subjects. This means that even if you have never been a teacher, you can... Read More »

What makes a good teacher?

If you are training to be a teacher, you will probably constantly be looking for ways to be the best teacher you can be. Teachers need a certain set of skills to be able to effectively teach pupils and gain their trust and respect. Often you need a quite different approach to teaching primary school children to that of secondary school. Reception teachers often teach very differently to those that teach year 6 but their training has been the same. As a reception teacher, you may need to have more compassion and understanding. You will need to be very approachable... Read More »

Practising spellings with your child

Spelling is a very important part of a child’s education. Spelling is taught at school but if you can help your child with their spelling at home as well, they will pick it up a lot quicker. Spelling is not only useful when a child is learning to write but also aids their reading ability. Children often get sent home from school with spellings from a very young. They may just have to practise them for a spelling test or they may also be given homework around them. Although it is very easy to send your child off to do... Read More »