How a head teacher can make a real difference in a school

If your children or child attends school, then there may come a time when the head teacher is moving on and a new one is going to be appointed. This can be a daunting time for teachers and parents who may worry about what changes are going to be made and how it will affect them. Often a head teacher has a lot of say over how the school is run and policies and procedures that they want the pupils and teachers to adhere to.
A good head teacher can make a huge difference to a school and on how well they perform through an Ofsted inspection. Many head teachers have different ideas as to what is important and what is not so important. For example, one head may think that uniform is a vital part of school life and will expect all children to wear the correct attire at all times. Other head teachers may focus more on home work or sports for example.
If a new head is starting school then you can arrange to meet with them to find out what their ethos is and what they expect from the pupils. They may often start off quite strict and then relax a little more over time as they get in to the role.