Putting together an assembly for parents

As a teacher you may have the responsibility of putting together an assembly for the parents and/or carers of the children to come and watch.

When creating your assembly you need to consider the age of the children and how they may react to the situation. If it is a reception class for example then you need to make sure that they do not have too many lines to remember and that you are on hand to prompt them should they get stuck.

Children often like showing work that they have created so adding in a section where they can hold up a picture they have created will give them a boost of self confidence. Try and recognise from within the class who is the most outgoing and perhaps give them a few more lines. There is no point trying to force someone who is shy in to telling a long story or acting out a big scene as it will often mean they do not want to participate and can knock their confidence for future performances.

It is always nice to have a song in the assembly, but make sure you have plenty of time to practise it with the pupils so they know it off by heart, you may also want to send the song words home with them to allow them to practise at home too.