Are you getting your classroom Christmas ready?

As we are now in December it is the perfect time to start decking out your classroom if you haven’t already. It is likely you are going to have a number of different events coming up over the next couple of weeks that are themed around Christmas. Some schools are still not doing Christmas performances this year or they may decide to do them virtually. Having an area of the classroom that looks Christmassy will make the perfect setting for your recording. It is likely that you will start to notice some disruption over the coming weeks are the children... Read More »

Finding out multiple ways to teach the same topic

As a teacher one of the skills sets you really need to have is to be able to teach to several different pupils at the same time. Although you may have a class of children who are all the same age it does not mean that they will learn at the same pace and are as academic as each other. Some children may find a certain subject really easy whereas another may struggle but excel in a different way. Often it is all about teaching the same thing in a different way until the child grasps it. Although this may... Read More »

Consider how you are going to set out your classroom

When you are going back into your classroom after a break or when you have a new class, you may decide to have a bit of a move around. Since Covid, many teachers have had to reorganise the classroom to space children out as much as possible, but with restrictions being lifted, children can now mix a bit more than they could previously. Often there are a number of considerations that you need to think about when it comes to organising the classroom. Firstly, you need to think how you are going to have it laid out. Are you going... Read More »

Tips for online research in the classroom

Many teachers use websites for a range of purposes with pupils in the classroom and this practice has many positives as it can be an effective way to integrate technology into lessons covering a range of subjects. Pupils are usually highly motivated when using computers in their lessons and it is useful to be able to use this motivation to build on their learning. It is important that in these lessons like in any other the teacher has planned the lesson and knows exactly which websites will be used and has looked at them previously to check their suitability for... Read More »

Supporting reluctant writers in school

Most children by the age of eight, when they are in key stage two, are able to read confidently for their age but some children struggle with writing. There may be a number of reasons for this reluctance to write perhaps the child has problems with their fine motor skills that make it physically difficult to write resulting in aching hands and wrists or they struggle for ideas, whatever the reason it is the teacher’s job to help and support these children so that they can become confident and willing writers. The stimulus that is provided to start off the... Read More »