Finding out multiple ways to teach the same topic

As a teacher one of the skills sets you really need to have is to be able to teach to several different pupils at the same time. Although you may have a class of children who are all the same age it does not mean that they will learn at the same pace and are as academic as each other. Some children may find a certain subject really easy whereas another may struggle but excel in a different way. Often it is all about teaching the same thing in a different way until the child grasps it.

Although this may make your job a little more complicated it can help immensely with individual children’s learning.

It is unfair for us to expect that all children learn at the same speed and level. When your teaching method doesn’t suit a child be sure to try and adapt it to ensure they are not missing out. It may be that they need more one on one attention, in which case you may be able to get a teaching assistant to sit with the child and help them along. If there are quite a large group of pupils that don’t seem to get it, it may be that you are going too fast or are using words they don’t already understand.