Making reading fun

As a parent, the school your child attends will probably want you to try and listen to your child read most nights. If you have a child that does not particularly enjoy reading then this can be a challenge and often turn in to a bit of a battle. You need to be able to make reading fun so that they want to do it. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, and if you are stuck for ideas, then we have given you a few below: Make a game out of it – rather... Read More »

Getting ready to go back to school

Most teachers look forward to the six week holidays all year. It is there chance to have a good few weeks where they do not have to think about work and really can switch off. Often teachers go on holiday in the six week school break as they can afford to have a few weeks away and still have time to do planning etc ready for their return. During the last few weeks of the six week school holiday teachers may need to start getting back in to work. They will often have to go in to school on a... Read More »

Selective Education – does it work?

Whilst little has been done to progress the idea in this parliament thus far, it officially remains government policy to reintroduce forms of selective education or grammar schools as they’re perhaps better known. In most of Britain, selective education was abandoned in the 60’s but some regions do still have selective schools within the state school framework. Whilst there is no doubt that these schools perform better than their comprehensive counterparts, there is perhaps an obvious reason – they select the ablest pupils based on exam performance. The idea behind selective education is that it allows you to categorise pupils... Read More »

Becoming a Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher

The job of a teacher, although stressful at times, can be very rewarding. If you have a passion for helping people then teaching can be the perfect job for you. The job of a SEN teacher is to help children in school who have special educational needs and often finds learning difficult. It is imperative that children who require additional help at school are offered the opportunity to do so and as a special educational needs teacher, this role will fall to you. You may be working with individuals who have physical disabilities, hearing or visual difficulties, speech and language... Read More »

Helping your children with their homework

Different schools and year groups send out differing amounts of homework. There is no law to state how much or how little homework a pupil should receive so it is very much up to the individual school and often teachers to decide. Some schools have decided that reading is more important at the early stages than homework so decided to stop giving out homework but to ask the pupils to read to their parents or family members each night. If your child is set homework then make sure that they allow themselves enough time to complete it without having to... Read More »