Preparing children for visitors in school

It is always interesting for the pupils and teachers if visitors can be brought into school to talk about some aspect of the curriculum as it often increases the enthusiasm for the subject and is good for the pupils to be able to ask questions. Some schools regularly invite authors to talk about their books and the process of writing or they ask someone to talk about their own experiences of life in the past. The teacher’s role is to prepare the children beforehand so they know a bit about the visitor and that they have thought about any questions... Read More »

How to help a child who is struggling in class

It is a fact that not all pupils will find school and lessons enjoyable and motivating and some will struggle to cope with the normal school routines. In order to help these pupils to achieve their potential it is the job of the class teacher and sometimes the special needs coordinator to facilitate their learning by support in class and adaptation of learning materials. The most helpful support that a teacher can offer will vary depending upon the child’s needs. Some children respond well to an adult working with them either individually or in a small group. The adult can... Read More »

Use the local library as an educational resource

The cost of books, as with everything else, has risen considerably recently and so parents and teachers are turning to libraries to avoid paying out a fortune for new books. Some children who are avid readers can get through a book every few days so borrowing books from the library is a good way to supply them with reading material without a cost. Borrowing books from the library also gives children the opportunity to try a book without worrying that they may not like it, so they are encouraged to try a wider range of books risk free. Libraries offer... Read More »

Could a job-sharing teaching role work for you?

As people try to get a better work life balance taking on a job share as a teacher could be the answer for many teachers. It is a good idea if this is something you are interested in approaching the Head teacher to see whether they are open to such a job arrangement especially if you are struggling to keep up with working full time but do not want to give up teaching. Job sharing is common in schools and usually means that one class of pupils is taught by two teachers whose hours of work are either divided equally... Read More »

Coping with the pressure of being a year six teacher

In Primary school it could be said that the teaching staff who are under the most pressure are those teaching in the final year of a child’s primary education. This is because it is in that year that children sit their Statutory Assessment Tests which are test that are mostly not marked internally by teachers in the school but are sent away to be marked by external assessors who are employed by the Government. The pressure that teachers feel to ensure the pupils are well prepared for the tests is great, but many teachers are also aware of the need... Read More »