Will pupils ever catch up from Covid lockdowns?

With most schools now back up and running unless there is an outbreak, some parts of teaching can start to resume as normal. It may be that assemblies are still being done virtually and some elements of social distancing are still in place, but many parents, students and teachers are hopeful that we have seen the last of the lockdowns. The school closures that have taken place over the last two years have set many students back and many people are worried that they will never recover from the time they have missed. Although most students were given work to... Read More »

Are you getting your classroom Christmas ready?

As we are now in December it is the perfect time to start decking out your classroom if you haven’t already. It is likely you are going to have a number of different events coming up over the next couple of weeks that are themed around Christmas. Some schools are still not doing Christmas performances this year or they may decide to do them virtually. Having an area of the classroom that looks Christmassy will make the perfect setting for your recording. It is likely that you will start to notice some disruption over the coming weeks are the children... Read More »

Finding out multiple ways to teach the same topic

As a teacher one of the skills sets you really need to have is to be able to teach to several different pupils at the same time. Although you may have a class of children who are all the same age it does not mean that they will learn at the same pace and are as academic as each other. Some children may find a certain subject really easy whereas another may struggle but excel in a different way. Often it is all about teaching the same thing in a different way until the child grasps it. Although this may... Read More »

Managing your time as a teacher

As a teacher you will already know how precious your time is to you. You don’t get many hours in the day and many teachers fid that they have to bring a lot of their work home with them. Time management is very important to ensure that you spend as little of your free time working, as possible as this is not only good for your mental health but also for building relationships with your family members at home. It is important to not only manage your time in your job, but also making sure that you have spare time... Read More »

Consider how you are going to set out your classroom

When you are going back into your classroom after a break or when you have a new class, you may decide to have a bit of a move around. Since Covid, many teachers have had to reorganise the classroom to space children out as much as possible, but with restrictions being lifted, children can now mix a bit more than they could previously. Often there are a number of considerations that you need to think about when it comes to organising the classroom. Firstly, you need to think how you are going to have it laid out. Are you going... Read More »