Teacher recruitment agencies

If you are a qualified teacher looking for work then you will probably already know that the posts are not always advertised in the same places as other job posts. They are normally shown on specialist websites such as TES and often on local authority sites but you may also find them on everyday jobs boards or recruitment sites. If you want to find work quickly or want to try and ensure a steady stream of supply work then you may register with a teaching recruitment agency. There are some recruitment agencies out there that specifically specialise in education recruitment... Read More »

Where to find teaching resources

As a teacher you will often be expected to spend a lot of your own time planning lessons and finding resources to use in your lessons. This is usually done out of the classroom and many teachers say that although they get a bit of planning time (also known as PPA) in the classroom this is nowhere near enough to allow for the planning and marking that needs to be done.  Many teachers share lesson plans and resources that have worked well for them in order to assist other teachers. This is a great idea as it can save teachers... Read More »

Did you know that music can have a positive effect on your child’s education?

There are always studies being done regarding children’s education and what helps them to achieve higher exams results and have better job prospects, but have you heard that music may play an important role in this? Recent research has shown that children who participate in musical activity from a very early age tend to achieve higher academic results that children who are not. The study showed that in particular, children who learn to play an instrument from the age of 4 tend to pick up the skills needed to play much quicker than an adult learning the same instrument. It... Read More »

Which industries are lacking in job prospects?

If you are looking for a job or looking to go to college or university to study for a particular job then you will want to know what the job prospects are like and what they are likely to be in the future. With technological advances over the last decade, certain jobs seem to be at risk of decline and possibly extinction soon. Company owners are quick to jump on board with being able to automate a process by machinery or computers rather than rely on people. They can then save money on salaries and make more profit in the... Read More »

Teacher duties – Running afterschool clubs

As a teacher you may be asked to run an afterschool club. This may be a cookery club, sports club or craft club for example. The idea of these clubs is to allow children to get involved in other activities and give parents extra childcare if needed. The government say that schools should try and offer these sorts of clubs as much as possible although they do not have to be ran directly but the school or school staff. If you are a teacher and have been asked to run a club, you may worry about how this is going... Read More »