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Supply teaching

Supply teaching is when you are asked to cover a classroom as a teacher. Supply teaching can be done for a short period i.e a day or even half a day or it may be required for a longer terms, such as to cover maternity or long term sick leave for example. A supply teacher will often find that their role varies from school to school and often even from class to class.. Read More

Choosing where to do your work placement

When at secondary school you will have at least one opportunity to go on a work experience process. This process is when you chose a place that you wish to work in for a week or two and will attend that work place instead of school to experience life in a working environment. Some schools will have a list of places that you may wish to carry out your work experience but you.. Read More

Teachers set to strike 5th July

The NUT have confirmed that they have a strike planned for the NUT members on the 5th of July 2016. The latest strike is said to be regarding funding for schools as it seems funding is likely to drop over 8% in the next few years. Teachers are concerned of the effect this will have on schools and pupils in terms of their learning. It may be that class sizes will have to.. Read More

Plan your time during school holidays

As any teacher will tell you, the school holidays seem to fly by faster each year, you have only just broken up and it seems no time at all until you are due to head back in to start a new term. The best way to get the most of your school holiday breaks is to plan a few activities to do during the holiday period. I would strongly recommend not leaving all.. Read More

Boycotting SATS exams

There has been much talk in the media of late regarding exams that we put our children through, especially in primary schools. The SATs or Keystage 2 exams are due to take place starting next week and a campaign known as “let our children be children” has been set up to get parents to boycott the latest of these exams. The petition has so far raised over thirty thousand signatures, some claiming to.. Read More

  • Finding Supply Teaching Jobs

    There are numerous advantages for teachers who are eager for supply teaching jobs, from the flexible working hours, to the ability to move freely from school to school.