Organising statutory testing in a small primary school

Whichever sort of school you find yourself in as a teacher whether it be a large inner-city school with hundreds of pupils or a small rural school with possibly only forty pupils on roll one thing is certain the pupils in that school will have to undertake statutory testing at some point in the year. Whether you agree with the testing regime or not it is part of your role as a teacher to carry out these tests and submit the assessments to the government. In a small primary school, l there may only be a small number of children... Read More »

Home learning in lockdown

With many of the UK’s students still at home, more and more parents have had to turn their hand to home learning. This is not an easy task for any parent and especially if you are still trying to juggle work. Many schools are uploading work for children to complete on a daily basis. In primary schools especially, not all of this work is compulsory, but it is there as a guide for parents to use. Many people worry about how children are going to be affected by the lockdown and months of school they have missed. We certainly are... Read More »

Home schooling-not for the faint hearted

Many parents are finding themselves thrust into the world of home schooling during the recent pandemic and although schools are endeavouring to provide work for and support students at this time the organisation of the tasks, resources and time management is falling on parents. It is impossible to replicate a school classroom in your own dining room or kitchen and there is no need to worry about trying to do so. Most young children are happy working on the floor or on a coffee table so unless they are writing and need to sit at a table to do neat... Read More »

Responsibilities of a subject leader in a primary school

When you are working as a class teacher in a primary school you may be called on to take on the responsibility of leading the school in one of the curriculum subjects. If you are newly qualified this will probably be one of the foundation subjects such as music, technology or history however a more experienced teacher may be asked to take on the subject coordinator role for one of the core subjects such as Mathematics or English, but what does this role involve? One of the most important responsibilities will be to convey to the rest of the teaching... Read More »

Did you know that music can have a positive effect on your child’s education?

There are always studies being done regarding children’s education and what helps them to achieve higher exams results and have better job prospects, but have you heard that music may play an important role in this? Recent research has shown that children who participate in musical activity from a very early age tend to achieve higher academic results that children who are not. The study showed that in particular, children who learn to play an instrument from the age of 4 tend to pick up the skills needed to play much quicker than an adult learning the same instrument. It... Read More »