Keeping children motivated during online learning.

Teachers are having to face a steep learning curve at the present time as they try to get to grips with the technology necessary to enable them to communicate with their pupils, upload tasks for them to attempt and comment on work submitted. This may be alongside teaching critical workers children in the classroom and trying to maintain social distancing. Teachers are adept at motivating children in normal circumstances but how is this working in the current situation?

Praise is a great motivator as many teachers know and so this is a strategy that teachers are using as they communicate with children online. A positive comment from a teacher means a lot to the pupil and will encourage them to attempt more tasks.

Children are often given the opportunity to share their work online with their classmates for example they may read out a story or poem or explain their findings from a science experiment. This is a great motivator as children enjoy being given the opportunity to show their work and receive praise from their peers.

Reward systems can still be used during online learning and can be given as points or virtual stickers. Leader boards work well as a motivator for learning times tables and can be set up for a class or for the whole school. Children enjoy the competition element and strive to be at the top of the leader board by being able to recall number facts quickly.