Why are so many teachers leaving the profession?

Teachers are a vital part of our community. Children need good teachers who will go above and beyond to ensure that they get the correct level of education that they need. A good teacher will not only look after their academic wellbeing but also their physical and mental wellbeing too.

Over recent years studies have shown that the number of newly qualified teachers that are quitting the industry within their first year is drastically on the rise. A new survey shows that almost 75% of all trainee teachers in the UK have considered leaving the profession, most often due to workload and stress factors. These figures are quite terrifying and really do emphasise that something needs to change and soon.

Many people have the view that the job of a teachers is relatively easy. Not starting till nine and finishing at three with holidays throughout the year (including 6 weeks in the summer), it is often seen as a cushy job but the truth is that in real life it is not at all like that. Most teachers will arrive in school about 8 am and often not leave until gone 5, with their daily work not ending there. There is also a mountain of planning, marking and report writing to be done which is mostly undertaken in their own time.