Creating beautiful and creative classroom displays

As a teacher you want your classroom to be a bright and creative space where children can really get involved in the current topic you are teaching. Usually teachers are responsible for creating classroom displays based around themes and topics that the students are currently studying. This is a great way to allow children to constantly be reminded of work they have recently covered. Thinking of new and exciting ways to display this information can become a challenge but luckily there are many helpful resources online to help teachers transform the classroom in this way.

For some teachers, the display is not only for the students but also for them. It allows them to see what work has been produced and how the children are understanding and enjoying the current topic. It can also be a chance to get a little creative.

You may want to go one step further than simply having a wall with the children’s work pinned to it and may recreate a scene out of a book in 3D or make a large college that all the children have helped to make.