Getting ready for the new academic year ahead

With teachers all over the country starting to think about returning to school in September, it is a good time for them to start to think about how they may want to start your year and if there is any changes they wish to make.

IF you are a teacher and are going to be having a new class when you return in September then this is the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start and implement changes if needed. It may be that certain ways you taught last year did not have the effect you wanted them to or that you found you didn’t have enough time in the day to cover the subjects and topics you planned to. With a few weeks still to go, you can start your planning early and give yourself sometime in the classroom, without the pupils to get it set up how you want to.

Planning out tables, displays and quiet or play corners all takes time and is hard to do in your usually working day. Having all of this ready for when the pupils start back will allow you to be able to concentrate on getting to know the pupils and allowing them time to get to know you.