Encouraging your students to read

As a teacher, you will often find that some students need a lot of encouragement to read. Reading is not always easy and some students get put off thinking they need to be able to learn to read over night, when this is simply not possible.

If you are teaching primary school children then you will usually help them pick a book or pick a book for them to take home and read. When choosing this book it is important to think about the individual needs of that child and pick a book that is appropriate to them.

Giving a child a book that is too advanced for them can put them off reading and they will quickly become frustrated and dishearten. Also giving a child a book that is too easy for them will have the same effect and they may lose interest. Once you have heard the child read, you can then decide if you think they are on the right level of books or if they need moving up or down.

Giving the children reading diaries and offering rewards can help incentivise them to read more at home.