Organising your classroom

As a teacher, your classroom should be a space that you are proud of. If your classroom is not in order then the chances are there will be chaos and the students will not be working to their full potential.

All teachers struggle with finding time to do displays, filing paperwork and also knowing where to find them again afterwards, but with a little forward planning you can save time during your working day and make your teaching experience a less stressful one.

The first thing to start with is your desk. You desk needs to be positioned in a place where you can see everyone and try to keep the items on your desk to a minimum. Make sure that your desk has drawer space for you to be able to file information away such as the register or letters. You need to set your students a good example and show them how to be tidy and organised.

Considering asking the school if you are able to put up wall mounted shelves. This will allow you space to store trophies, gifts from parents / pupils and items that you may want around the classroom but not that are easily accessible to the children.