Creating projects for children to do at home

As a teacher, it is a good idea to try and get parents involved in their child’s learning. One way you can do this is by sending work or projects home to be completed. It is important to think about this carefully and take time planning to ensure that children have the ability to complete the project without it causing a financial strain on the parents. Also ensuring that the project is not going to take too much time to complete and allowing the child enough time to actually enable them to bring it back into school.

Think about the project, if it is a practical one such as making a model, try and supply the children with some if not all of the items they will need or ensuring that they are items that most people will have around the home. Give the parents clear instructions of what you want the child to make and also how long they have to do it and return it to school.

If you set a project that is too hard you will often find that the parents end up doing it for the child and this can have very little benefit for the children.