Looking for a new career for 2018?

If you have decided that you fancy a new challenge next year then why not consider teaching. Although no one can tell you teaching is an easy job or extremely well paid, but it is very rewarding and there are some perks. If you have children that are of school age then you may find that it is nice to know that during the school holidays you will be able to spend time with them as you will most likely have time off too.

You do need to have a degree to land a teaching job but the PGCE course can be added on to the end of other degrees making it only an additional 12 months. If you have already got your PGCS then you can start looking for an applying for jobs immediately. If you want to teach in a secondary school then you will need to have a degree in the subject or very close to the subject you wish to teach.

Primary school teaching requires a less in depth but more general knowledge as you will be teaching multiple subjects such as English, Maths, Science, RE and PE for example.

Although you are not going to make millions from teaching it does offer a good salary and if you are willing to take on extra responsibility and work hard you can often move up on the pay scale.