Getting back to teaching after the Easter holidays

With Easter nearing, many teachers and pupils are looking forward to a well earned break. Returning to school after a holiday can be quite hard work and you will make to make the transition as smooth as possible. Often teachers return to school a few days before the pupils do so that they have time to get their classrooms ready by creating displays updating labels on draws and having a good sort out. They will often have to attend meetings the day or so before the children return to talk about any changes that have / are happening that they need to be aware of. They may be given training on a particular subject. These days are usually called PD days.  

It is important to get yourself back into your normal work routine at least a few days before returning to work, so if you have being making the most of long lie-ins or going to bed late, give your body clock time to adjust back to your usual routine.  

Think of each new term as a chance to change things you are not happy with and start the term how you would like to go on. Learn from mistakes you may have made the previous been and try and look forward to embracing the new term ahead.