Keeping things normal at school

There has been so much disruption this year for everyone and this has hit some children very hard as they have had an unprecedented amount of time off school and even though they are now back, are finding day to day life very different.

Life as a teacher is very different at the moment and you may be finding it hard to get everything you need to taught as it should be whilst adhere to strict rules around social distancing and keeping everyone safe. All of this on top of the extra work loads that many are finding themselves under sue to having to set work for children that are isolating or having to try and find ways to combine additional topics to make up for lost time, can be tough.

It is important to try and keep things as relaxed and normal for pupils as possible. Many of them will be finding life difficult at the moment and their home life may be very disrupted so it is important that their school life remains as consistent as can be. You do need to be safe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make lessons fun. Laughter goes a long way and can help ease stresses and worries.