How are parents’ evenings going to be carried out following on from Covid?

Many schools are starting to approach the time when they would usually start to hold parents’ evenings. Parents evenings are important as they allow the teacher to communicate back to the parents or carers as to how that particular student is getting on. Often parents’ evenings discuss all aspects of school life not just academic. For example, many teachers may well comment on how they work with other children, if they have good friendship groups and their behaviour. Although this does not come under your typical subjects, they do form part of the RSHE area which all children have to take part in.

This year many schools have had to scrap the traditional face to face parents evenings and are instead either carrying them out over the phone or sending home a mini report to update the parents and carers as to how their child is getting on. If you then feel you need more time with the teacher this can usually be followed up with a phone call or video chat.

Issues that you may have with your child’s learning do not have to wait until parents evening although you may need to book a specific time to speak to their teacher.