Teacher recruitment agencies

If you are a qualified teacher looking for work then you will probably already know that the posts are not always advertised in the same places as other job posts. They are normally shown on specialist websites such as TES and often on local authority sites but you may also find them on everyday jobs boards or recruitment sites.

If you want to find work quickly or want to try and ensure a steady stream of supply work then you may register with a teaching recruitment agency. There are some recruitment agencies out there that specifically specialise in education recruitment ranging from teaching posts to teaching assistances and office admin roles in schools. Not only do these agencies often have a wealth of jobs on their lists, they can also assist you with interviewing techniques etc. If you work through an agency you often have a number of other added benefits such as having access to a portal which allows you to download material to use in lessons, gives you ideas for lesson plans, a forum to connect with other teachers and sometimes support and legal advice where needed.

Most agencies do not charge a fee for you to register with them but they may take a percentage of your salary when working through them. Always be sure to check the terms and conditions of each agency before enrolling on their books.