Where to find teaching resources

As a teacher you will often be expected to spend a lot of your own time planning lessons and finding resources to use in your lessons. This is usually done out of the classroom and many teachers say that although they get a bit of planning time (also known as PPA) in the classroom this is nowhere near enough to allow for the planning and marking that needs to be done. 

Many teachers share lesson plans and resources that have worked well for them in order to assist other teachers. This is a great idea as it can save teachers a lot of time and make lesson planning an easier process.  As a teacher, if you have taught a lesson that has worked particularly well, then you should share this with others either in person or maybe through a teaching forum.

There are a number of places to look for ideas and resources for lesson plans and much of this is online. Sites such as Twinkl have several packs available for you to download, some of which are free and others that require an active subscription. Most schools will be happy to sign up to something such as this for their teachers to use to assist with lesson planning.