Teacher shortage – is it a crisis?

Many of us have heard about the issues that the education sector is facing with hundreds of teachers leaving the profession within their first year and many teachers who have been doing the job for a long time are also leaving or taking early retirement often due to the added stresses and pressures of the job.  

There have been a number of relatively large changes of late that has caused a stir in the education system and some of which have been questioned by teachers and parents of the students. Extra exams and testing have made many teachers feel like they are under constant scrutiny to ensure that their students perform well and often ability is not taken in to account as much as it should be. We should, of course, be concerned that many teachers are finding the pressures too much and are not getting the support they need to, but we should also remember the fact that there are many teachers that are still working within the education systems and striving to make it better day by day.

If you are a teacher and are struggling with work load, a disruptive classroom or simply struggling to get the pupils to achieve the levels they are expected to then it’s time to take action. Speak to your head of year or he head teacher and ask for some help. It may be that they can give you a TA for more time to help with workloads or that they can send you on courses to help teach you different teaching techniques.