Managing homework schedules

As a parent you need to take some responsibility for your child’s education. They do learn a lot from school but often the pupils with input from home, go further. There are a number of ways in which you can help your child with their education. From a very young age you can start to read to them and as they start school, allow them to read words to you. Often in reception the majority of their homework is reading based. Reading helps children with other aspects of education such as spelling and grammar too.

As they get older they may be given more and more homework, often meaning they need to do it at least a few times week if not every night. Trying to fit, into an already busy evening can be hard and each family has to find a way that suits them. Often having a set time in which homework is done, helps children get in to the habit of it and ensures that it is completed on time. If you have to do something different one night then move the homework along to an earlier or later time. Your child may be able to complete their homework on their own or they may require some help. Taking an interest in their homework will make them more inclined to take an interest in it themselves.