Where to find teaching resources

As a teacher you will often be expected to spend a lot of your own time planning lessons and finding resources to use in your lessons. This is usually done out of the classroom and many teachers say that although they get a bit of planning time (also known as PPA) in the classroom this is nowhere near enough to allow for the planning and marking that needs to be done.  Many teachers share lesson plans and resources that have worked well for them in order to assist other teachers. This is a great idea as it can save teachers... Read More »

Teacher duties – Running afterschool clubs

As a teacher you may be asked to run an afterschool club. This may be a cookery club, sports club or craft club for example. The idea of these clubs is to allow children to get involved in other activities and give parents extra childcare if needed. The government say that schools should try and offer these sorts of clubs as much as possible although they do not have to be ran directly but the school or school staff. If you are a teacher and have been asked to run a club, you may worry about how this is going... Read More »

Why are so many teachers leaving the profession?

Teachers are a vital part of our community. Children need good teachers who will go above and beyond to ensure that they get the correct level of education that they need. A good teacher will not only look after their academic wellbeing but also their physical and mental wellbeing too. Over recent years studies have shown that the number of newly qualified teachers that are quitting the industry within their first year is drastically on the rise. A new survey shows that almost 75% of all trainee teachers in the UK have considered leaving the profession, most often due to... Read More »

The ups and downs of becoming a supply teacher

Some teachers decide that they no longer want a permanent position in a school and may turn to supply teaching. Others may qualify as a teacher and go straight in to supply without having worked in a school employed full time. There are many advantages of being a supply teacher but there are some disadvantages too. A supply teacher will often find that their role varies from school to school and often even from class to class meaning that sometimes they will be working off lesson plans that have already been given to them and other times they will be... Read More »

Teacher shortage – is it a crisis?

Many of us have heard about the issues that the education sector is facing with hundreds of teachers leaving the profession within their first year and many teachers who have been doing the job for a long time are also leaving or taking early retirement often due to the added stresses and pressures of the job.   There have been a number of relatively large changes of late that has caused a stir in the education system and some of which have been questioned by teachers and parents of the students. Extra exams and testing have made many teachers feel... Read More »