Making reading fun

As a parent, the school your child attends will probably want you to try and listen to your child read most nights. If you have a child that does not particularly enjoy reading then this can be a challenge and often turn in to a bit of a battle.

You need to be able to make reading fun so that they want to do it. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, and if you are stuck for ideas, then we have given you a few below:

Make a game out of it – rather than just reading page after page, turn reading in to a game. Ask the child to read the page or a few sentences then ask them to find something on the page. Once they have done it they can then continue to read a bit more.

Alternate reading – sometimes reading can be a bit daunting to a child so why not alternate reading with them. You read a page then let them read a page. You should discuss what’s happening on the page afterwards so that they get an understanding of the book too.