Going back to work as a teacher in September

With the summer holidays well underway, many teachers are already thinking about their return to work in September. It may be that they have not worked in the school since lockdown due to shielding or simply they were not needed so it may be a big shock to the system when they return. Things are likely to be very different for quite some time within schools. Assembles, lunch times, play times and pick up / drop offs are all changing to allow as much social distancing as possible.

As a teacher, this is going to cause quite a lot of disruption as you are going to have different members of your class starting and leaving at different times. Lunch times may have to be staggered and you may find that you lose a large percentage of your day teaching.

No one really knows yet how long this will need to go on for and how big the disruption will be but it is important to plan ahead for these changes as much as possible and be flexible in your approach.

Hopefully as we approach Christmas, things will start to ease a little but it is still very much of an unknown at the moment.