What are the benefits of becoming a teacher?

Over the last few months teaching has been extremely different to the normal routines that everyone was used to. Many teachers have had to give up their holidays to come into school and teach the children of key workers.

Hopefully this summer, they will finally be able to relax a little and enjoy time with their own family.  

need to have a lot of patience to become a teacher and have a passion for learning and helping children. You may decide that you only want to work with primary school children, or perhaps you would rather go into adult learning.

Many of us have had inspirational teachers who have contributed to who we are today, and we never forget the influence they’ve had on us. As a teacher you have a lot of responsibility and can help mould children into the adults they become.

As a teacher, every day is different and to a degree you have a bit of freedom in your role, choosing how and when you teach certain subjects. You need to be able to organise your time effectively and ensure that you get everything done as and when it is supposed to be.